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This group of images was part of an incredibly fun project that I took part in several years ago. It is a set of collaborative prints that I completed with Beth Pearson and Holly Hauser (whose site I can’t find), through the Burlington City Arts Print Studio. During the span of a couple months, the three of us worked together on these unique prints. Working with plates created by each of us, we swapped prints and matrixes fluidly. In the end, I think the result was stronger than what either of us could have produced alone. It was, at the very least, outside of what we were used to creating.

The process was a beneficial one for me, and I look back on these images fondly. Beth in particular was—and in some ways remains—a big influence on my work. Looking back, I’m a bit ashamed to see how much of her aesthetic surfaced in my work. It was a formative period for me, so hopefully she took it as flattery.

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